We offer a variety of label solutions, from standard blank to customised creations. We specialise in providing labelling solutions to the FMCG, personal care, pharmaceutical and industrial industries. We offer wide variety of special inks, printing options, techniques and finishes that will be sure to satisfy your needs. Our in-house design department will also be able to assist you in creating a label that is unique to your product.

Product Identification labels
Two formats : Self-adhesive and Filmic labels.

Functional Labels
Choose from a variety of stock items, or create a bespoke label unique to your needs

Bar-code Labelling systems

FLS offers you a variety of heavy duty industrial Argox Bar-Code Label Printers and ribbon. We also sell the hand labelling systems. A complete package for any retail shop. On top of that we will also service your printers and hand-held pricing guns.

Argox Printers
Make retailling easy and print your own barcode labels with any of the Argox industrial barcode label printers. Forms and Labels solutions have the following printer models and ribbons available: X1000VL, X2000V, X3200, and the G6000.

Service of Printers/Price Guns
Forms and Label Solutions is a one-stop shop, that will also service your printers and hand-held pricing guns.

Pricemarking Systems
FLS provides a comprehensive price-marking system which includes labels, guns, cartridges and bands. This system is suited to: pricing; consecutive numbering; sell-by and best-before dates; production codes.


Make your administration easy and professional looking by personalising your Quotations, Invoices, Order forms, and Receipts etc. books, pads or continuous forms.

Books and Pads
Duplicate or Triplicate, from A5 to A4 with a design unique to your needs.

Continuous Forms
Personalise your continuous forms in duplicate or triplicate, from one to full colour.